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Hair Grows the Way it Wants was curated by Jennifer Crighton, as part of a larger ensmable of projects. The show was titled White Noise (2012).





**Exhibition Runs: Dec 16-Jan 13** 
**Opening Reception: December 16, 2011 8pm-11pm**
**Closing Reception: Jan 13, 2012 8pm-11pm**

Pith Gallery, Calgary

The term white noise is itself an approximation of phenomena at the edges of rational perception. It uses a visual reference in an effort to grasp at an aural experience, and the suggested synesthesia fuses the senses together in an unexpected way. All frequencies sounding simultaneously, becoming indiscernible as any frequency at all; all colours blending into one colour which appears to be no colour at all.

The life of images on the Internet has had unforeseen effects on our material culture, and likewise our perception (Butler 47). Online, images are warrens of mixed references, endless facsimiles increasingly of untraceable origin. It is now a common phenomenon for individuals to curate vast archives of images and ideas though platforms like twitter, tumblr, and the ubiquitous facebook wall (Meltzer 43). Experiences in real time are fed into the digital, where they are regurgitated endlessly. Videos, words and images captured in a finite moment go on to infinite lives, remediated again and again, fading into obscurity or escalating into viral sensation.

Artists who are working with unmanageable overwhelming collections, layers, continually open ended or unfinished work or processes, and minimalism arrived at though an accumulation of minute details. These ideas are not internet based, rather they are a bi-product of a culture that is increasingly navigated through a symbol, icon and image based interface where any reference is redly available at the click of a mouse, and the line between the virtual and real world becomes a questionable boundary.

How does our increasing dependence on the virtual change our expectations of the physical world around us (Lewis-Kraus 3), and how does the un-reproducible experience of a sculpture or installation measure up to that vast collection of immaterial tropes? Each of the artists participating in this show have practices that are deeply informed by their own ongoing personal archives and collections of material, and it is that living and ongoing practice that informs the experience found in the finite moment of viewing the work.

text by Jennifer Chrighton 

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