the last text




A man must dream a long time in order to act with grandeur, and dreaming is nursed in darkness.







The last message is the result of a 1 week-long workshop led by Andrés Galeano at EMMEDIA in Calgary. Earlier, during the workshop sessions, Andrés asked me to talk about my desires as I lifted a chair, high, over my head - remaining still - and arrested, like a statue. This was the first time someone asked me to talk openly about my desires. I have many desires. Too many to think about all at once - and so many, that trying to think about, or imagine their volume is overwhelming. But standing still, with a chair over my head and holding a pose for an audience, somehow, made it easier to imagine the burden of this possibility - to be open about my desires. There, I learned that desires are meant to be shared. And imagination is about believing in something, working towards something - testing something. 


In this text, thinking is intimacy, as is the elusive possibility of the “you”. I wanted to cast the “you” - my “you” - and perhaps similar to your “you”, the same way I imagine a film director would go about casting the right actor for an important role (the right “you”  - what/ who is the right “you”?). The “you” I imagined - is that hidden part of us that, like a wild animal, will come and grab everything from us, when we look the other way. I wanted to aim for your imagination, and for your thoughts.