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The collaborative research developed through the Island Night architecture was presented via a series of events hosted by Emmedia & Choose Yer Own Festival, in Calgary, 2011-12 . Below is a description for a walk that both venues hosted. Additional documentation can be found on the Choose Yer Own Festival website listed below. 









(if you’re open to everything, then everything fits in the world

affirmative attitudes towards poverty as expressed through times of change, in Calgary 


Part philosophic dialogue, part poetic reverie, part nature walk, Island Night is an extended 

meditation on the present – that fleeting moment occurring once-and-one-time-only in time’s vast 

history. Perceptions will grow sharper. Time will be slowed down. Together the group will form 

a nomadic society which values improvisation, storytelling, and silence. Island Night is a 

moveable feast that doesn’t exclude darkness. Rather, darkness is its starry medium. Using 

locative sound recordings that transforms one's surroundings into a virtual set, participants may 

observe a light-play from car reflections, safari in jungles between residential homes and the 

street, and climb inside dormant houses for rest. Calgary as a city of multiplicity--of overlapping 

bodies, communities, laborers, cultures, languages, and gestures--is our common ground of 

research. Be ready to make a mess.  All abilities welcome. 

Each walk holds 4 people.