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I do not have a physical studio space, but my practice is nevertheless studio-based. I guess that one might be tempted to characterize my studio as an imaginary place — but for me, the studio is closer to being a kind of inner-voice with whom I can think with and re-read the images I see fragmenting, outside, in the everyday world, as if this dialogical exchange was itself a focalization that furnishes and reconfigures the ways in which I inhabit this space. Partly immersed in these imaginary operations which are now braided inside my vision — I begin to cruise places and situations that unfold, peripherally, around sites where I can feel myself becoming an anonymous background presence. And almost like an “extra” from an imaginary film set — whose supplementary position is not visibly coded by the script but who nevertheless leaves an atmospheric impression on the textural conditions that virtualize the script and its becomings, I imagine how the destinations that I encounter - places such as library reading rooms, hospital waiting corridors or the books that I carry with me in my backpack, are somehow the main protagonists that prompt the conversation from which I build my studio. Like an interior decorator — I listen to how spaces speak, to the ways in which their walls have been architected by other authors. I become a reader, and through reading I furnish this imaginary space.


Organized like scenes from lived-in domestic interiors that often unfold auto-fictionally around the emotional lives of fictional gay men, my installations have circulated more like staged showrooms that frame the act of interior decoration as a performative medium in the spacing of queer thought. Without a script or a pre-determined goal, these spatial performances cast the physical act of staging space as an embodied dialogical interface that pivots around the psychological effects of images and their capacities to virtualize alternative forms of sociality. 





view of man with IKB towel (Calgary, 2021)