April 15, 2013






After returning from Argentina, Latifa has become a morning person. Her family is important. So we went for a morning walk. We talked about birds, then we had lunch at Sait where we had a lengthy conversation about recycling and the meaning of being connected to the everyday in a place where the role of being heterosexual and male is the norm and how contemporary art production in Canada has it’s norm, which is also connected to a narrative of “normality” in relation to masculinity. Feminism has also been defined in relation to the male. Then we met an older woman. She lived at a hospice, at the bottom of that steep hill below ACAD. We had a brief conversation with her, but then she gave us bags of stuff that belonged to her dead friend. This is what was inside of one of those bags. We felt we couldn’t leave these contents at the Trading Post in the back because they would become meaningless - but at the same time we didn’t have use for them either, and leaving them outside #819 felt like the right thing to do. Maybe the older woman wanted to start a different kind of trading post - one that is about a trade of meaning, or histories, or time and less about a system of production.