Kaylin ~


I moved to Canada in 1998. I was 14. To get to school, I walked along the Bow river. 16 years later, by accident - or coincidence, Kaylin meets me to walk that same path, together. In many ways, I am still that same foreign boy that had to be by himself. Here, Kaylin tells me that she has always felt that she is not going to live long. I also always feel that I am not going to make it any further into adulthood, and I always rush to get everything done before my unavoidable demise. Then we talked about how Thomas Hirschhorn also describes a similar pace to thinking - a 

 rhythm to work that one only discovers once they realize that we live on borrowed time. This planned vandalism - where one rushes to do everything and anything, all at once, headlessly, with no time to question, in panic and precipitously, interests me because, like hicking up a steep mountain, it eventually leads to an unplanned slowness, and I want to know why I am slowing down. I don’t want to make complicated work - or to go deeper just because “good art” goes deeper. I want to have reasons - and I want to know the why(s). I don’t want to make art - I want to encounter art.