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 e:   bogdan12(at)hotmail.com   /\  tel:  + 1 (403) 922-7785 (mobile)

1983 Ploiesti, Romania  /\  Lives and works in Calgary, Canada 

IG: instagram.com/bogdancheta   /\\   /\\   /\\   /\\\\\///////\/\/\//////


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16 - 19       Alberta University of the Arts, AUArts, Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

                            — Thinking with You: Studio as a Tactile Queer Reading Practice (thesis project, with supervision from

                                                                  Dr. Mark Clintberg and Dr. Alexandra Emberley)

02 - 09       Alberta College of Art & Design, Calgary, Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)




/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ (S = Solo; C = Collaborative; G = Group)


19         Soft-opening, organized by Sean MacAlister for U’s Project Space, Calgary (G)

             The Blue Light, M:ST in partnership with the Calgary Queer Arts Society, Calgary (S)

18         Windowlicker, organized by Ana Iwataki & Marion Vasseur Rally for Balice Hertling, Paris, France (G)

             Graduating MFA Thesis Exhibition: Thinking with You, 371 Gallery, AUArts, Calgary (S)

17         Notes on how to cook with thoughts & sleep with sounds. 67 Steps, Los Angeles (curated by Sean MacAlister)

             1st year MFA Group Exhibition: The Last Haircut, AUArts, Calgary (C)

             Waiting Alone, Illingworth Kerr Gallery Offsite Project-Space & Ivan Gallery, AUArts, Calgary (S)

16         Thinking Sculptures, with Dr. Jeanne Randolph (Winnipeg), published online by TNG Press (Calgary)

           Trans Trans: Transgender Histories Between Germany and the United States, 1882-1966, Nickel Arts Museum,

                           University of Calgary (G, curated by Dr. Annette F. Timm) 

             BWYW # 5, # unit festival, Berlin, Germany (programmed by Coral Short for FUTURE VISIONs) 

15         There, the eyes are sunrise on a broken column, The New Gallery, Calgary (part of a 6 month art-writing residency:

                          “A manifesto has come to light!” lead by Dr. Jeanne Randolph & Jacob Wren)

             Poor People must Work: The Resolute Parka, 12th Havana Biennale, Havana, Cuba (publication-based project,                                                  edited, distributed and curated by Sophia Bartholomew) 

           No Place: Atlas Sighed, Calgary Biennial, Calgary (publication-based project curated by Steven Cottingham)

             BWYW # 5, CYNETART Festival, Dresden, Germany (programmed by Coral Short for FUTURE VISIONS)

14         Be what you want, but stay where you are, Stride Contemporary Art Gallery, Calgary (S, publication)

             Distant Touch, M:ST Performance Art Festival, Calgary

             BWYW # 5, Zero Future: Les HTMlles 11 Festival, Montreal (programmed by Coral Short for FUTURE VISIONs)

             Carte Blanche, DNA Artspace, London, ONT (G) 

13         E N D, Union Cemetery, Calgary (curated by Sharon Stevens for Equinox Vigil, catalogue)

           Wreck City / Eightohnine Gallery, Calgary (S, curated by Andrew Frosst)

             Paper Trail, Avalanche! ICA, Calgary (G, programmed by Nate McLeod)

           The Last Text, EMMEDIA in partnership with M:ST [6] Calgary (curated by Richard Martel)

12         I like it here, Don’t you?, Avalanche! ICA, Calgary (S, curated by Nate McLeod)

             Island Night # 2, Choose Yer Own Festival, Calgary

           Island Night # 1, programmed as part of Particle + Wave Festival: Luminaries Series, EMMEDIA, Calgary

             Bump/Shift, Untitled Art Society, Calgary (G, curated by Sally Raab)

11         Hair Grows The Way It Wants, Pith Gallery, Calgary (G, curated by Jennifer Chrighton for White Noise)

             Sleepover, Untitled Art Society & Choose Yer Own Festival, Calgary (programmed by Laura Leif)



- PRINTED MATTER (essays, scripts & other textual material)


18         an image, a sound & a place, programmed by Sharon Stevens (curator) for Equinox Vigil, Calgary 

17         Notes on How to Cook with Thoughts, performative text with interactive online archive, programmed by Sean MacAlister

                       for 67 Steps, Los Angeles (https://67steps.info/

16         There, the eyes are Sunlight on a broken column, printed by TNG Press, in collaboration with Jeanne Randolph &

                       Jacob Wren, launched in Montreal / Winnipeg / Calgary & Vancouver  

             The horniness of the unmoored thought, LUMA Quarterly, Issue 05, Volume II (lumaquarterly.com

15         There is no Place, essay project programmed by Steven Cottingham for the 2nd Calgary Biennial

             More than Enough, zine publication in collaboration with Unlearning Weekenders (Zoë Kreye + Catherine Grau) printed

                       and distributed by Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto 

             Faces & Figures, Issue 02, Volume IV, March 2015, edited & distributed  by Alexander M. Steinitz, Calgary 

14         Long Way from Home, essay-project distributed by Stride Gallery (Calgary) and commissioned by UVAC conference

             Distant Touch, published as a chapter in the anthology Out Proud: Stories of Pride, Courage, and Social Justice

                       edited by Dr. Douglas Gosse, Toronto: Breakwater Books Canada, 2014

13         St. Patrick’s Island and Local Queer Spirits, edited by Eric Moschopedis and Mia Rushton and published in

                       Knock on Any Door, Art and Social Engagement in Calgary, 1912-2012, Department of Forgotten Histories, 2013

12         Island Night, artist book & essay project, Calgary: EMMEDIA, Particle + Wave Festival 

11         Community and Coming of Age in Calgary, “Grain anthology of critical writing”, edited by Jennifer McVeigh,

                       Calgary: EMMEDIA Anthology of critical texts 2011/2012  





19        The Gay Science, artist presentation with Jessica Mccarrel at CommunityWise Resource Centre, Calgary 

17        Notes on how to Cook with Thoughts, MFA Graduate Student Conference, University of Calgary

        The Last Haircut reading, in collaboration with Anton Cu Unjieng, AUArts, Calgary  

16       Gay History Walk, in collaboration with Kevin Allen for the Gay History Project, Calgary 

        Writer’s Block, CJSW, pre-recorded spoken word performance (90.9 FM, Calgary) 

15        a manifesto has come to light!, residency Open House, Stride Contemporary Art, Calgary 

        There, the eyes are sunlight on a broken column / A manifesto has come to light! TNG (walk & talk with

                         Jacob Wren and Jeanne Randolph)

        The Gold Field (w. Jenna Swift), Union Cemetery, Calgary (recorded walk & talk)

14       Flânerie, roving performance programmed & choreographed by Coral Short, M:ST [7], Lethbridge 

        Be what you want, Intersite Visual Arts Festival, Calgary (reading & walk at Stride Contemporary Art)

        Umbrella Visual Arts Conference, writer in residence, Untitled Art Society, Calgary 

13       BIBT, Writer’s Block, CJSW (90.9FM) radio program, University of Calgary (recorded live reading)

          Guest Lecturer, Marilyn Volkman: NEOCraft Residecy, The New Gallery. Calgary 

12       I like it here, artist talk in conjunction with a solo show at Avalanche! ICA, Calgary (curated by Nate McLeod)

        If your open to everything, then everything fits in the world, EMMEDIA, Calgary (recorded walk & talk)

        Its not too late to do something with your life / Do something before you die - series of walks and readings programmed                                   through Pith Gallery, Calgary (curated by Jennifer Crighton for the group show White Noise)

        The value of our (collective) work, conversational skillshare w. LIDS, JSHouse, Calgary (programmed by Wednesday                                      Lupypciw, Nicole Burisch, Anthea Black & Amy Fung through The New Gallery)  

11       UAS Film Nights, facilitator of monthly screenings & theoretical readings, Untitled Art Society, Calgary

         I like it here, scheduled public interventions in Herăstrău Park, Bucharest, Romania





19/20   Research & Creation Grant, Canada Council for the Arts - $ 12,000
18        Alberta Graduate Scholarship, in Visual Art
17        Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Alberta University of the Arts


16        Special Entrance Award, MFA in Craft Media, Alberta University of the Arts
            Graduate Research Award, Alberta University of the Arts


15        Thematic, Unlearning Practices w. Zoë Kreye & Catherine Grau, Artscape, Toronto, ONT
            Thematic, Can Art Writing be Art? w. Jeanne Randolph + Jacob Wren (24 weeks) TNG, Calgary


14        Performative Strategies with Andrés Galeano, EMMEDIA, M:ST [6.5], Calgary
            Self-directed Residency, (10 weeks) in partnership with STRIDE Contemporary Art, Calgary
            Thematic, Under the Influence of the Psyche w. Vasco Araújo, The Power Plant, Toronto, ONT
            Self-Directed Residency, (4 weeks) Calgary Allied Arts Foundation (CAAF), Calgary (publication)
            Workshop, Wanted Dead or Alive Master Class with Adrian Stimson, Truck Gallery, Calgary


13        Workshop, Art Action with Richard Martel, M:ST[6] Festival, EMMEDIA, Calgary
            Thematic, NEO-Craft Global w. Marilyn Volkman, The New Gallery, Calgary


12        BARS ‘N’ TONE (12 months self-directed studio residency) EMMEDIA, Calgary
11        Production Access (12 months self-directed studio residency) EMMEDIA, Calgary





18           Teaching Assistantship, Mireille Perron, School of Critical Studies, AUArts University, Calgary

               Teaching Assistantship, Dr. Mark Clintberg, Department of Art History, AUArts University, Calgary
17           Teaching Assistantship, Dr. Mark Clintberg, Department of Art History, AUArts University, Calgary
09-12      Studio Monitor, Untitled Arts Society Studio Spaces, Calgary
08-09      Teaching Assistant, North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre, Calgary
07-08      Teaching Assistant, Studio C/ Prospect, Calgary (internship)