Alex ~



I met Alex in 2012 through a project I did for Choose Yer Own in Calgary. For 24 hours, myself and my companions would take over the city and use it as our studio. We would meet with strangers, go through opened gates, find things, encounter stories, share food and meet new friends. It was midnight, when Alex texted us to meet him through the Choose Yer Own website. He has a way of making himself invisible, so that he can notice and look at the world. Since that meeting, we collaborated on other projects - but always in quiet and mysterious ways. Here, Alex meets me for a walk, and then a coffee, where I ask him my questions. After the interview, he sends me a personal email - where he shares some intimate details about his personal time. Initially, I wanted to share his email because it came across like an artifact that read more like a poem - but after further consideration, I thought that perhaps it is better to keep his confession as a secret, and let him share it with others, when he is ready to do so. For now, I can learn how to be someone that could be trusted with intimate secrets.



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