while walking and thinking, i seem to always be looking for ways to re-consider the material implications of how I use language as an instrument in the virtualization of fictional worlds. for me language begins to act as a material at the point when it drifts away from its role in the transmission of meaning. not as part of a relocation towards an empty meaninglessness — but as a reach for the what is not-yet-here, that elusive horizon which re-orientates the structures through which language becomes a passage of information. through this drift away from the directorial features of language, i am interested in how the body performs its own fictions of space while simultaneously also serving as a prop that regulates the passage of alternative signs and messages. i see these supplemental narratives which become activated through the material residues of language, as points of re-orientation in how space might be re-perceived as a queer becoming of other sights. 


through these spatial possibilities for how to queer the experience of language, my process of working on projects often becomes interconnected with my reading and writing practices. i don’t have a physical working studio and I use reading as part of my daily practice of walking. i walk as a way to immerse myself inside an imaginary studio-space, and I read as a way to re-orientate my experience of walking. this daily performance of combining walking and reading in an imaginary staging of my studio, for me becomes a way of re-inhabiting the present-tense of the now. my installation environments, in turn, materialize the becoming of these imaginary sights by serving as stages for fictional performative events which simultaneously involve audience participation and the choreographic re-arrangements of a growing collection of props, lights and uncategorizable sound-effects.