~ a b o u t






11 pm //

A HOT SUMMER DAY. With his feet buried in the expensive pair of boots he found last night in the same cemetery he is now returning to, and while protected by the intimacy of a silent choir made up of giant shadows, we find Josh in dialogue with his new shoes. Borrowing from their engraved label, these magic slippers go by the name of Hugo Boss. 







H B: We’re so gay... and alone. [whispering softly]



JOSH: Shh. I thought that was our secret! [with a resigned tone]



 H B: We’re always so burdened by our secrets. Sometimes I wish we dreamed less.



JOSH: Hugo -- there is something about me I can’t give a name to, something I had and lost, yet feel as if I’m keeping for myself — and for you as well. I had it long ago, when I was very young. I remember how it was: when I was young, there was something ahead of me, so big that I was afraid of it, but I waited for it and was so happy waiting. Then the years passed and it never came. And then I found, one day, I wasn’t waiting any longer. It seems foolish, because I didn’t even know what it was I was waiting for. I look at myself now and I don’t know. But when I look again — I do. You see, I’m still a human being. /// 2015 BC








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